Summer Tote Bag | Hot Pink Maxi Tote | Colorful Hand Crocheted Beach Tote
Summer Tote Bag | Pink Maxi Tote | Hand Crocheted Beach Tote
Maxi Tote Bag for Summer  | Beach Tote Crochet Bag

Maxi Tote Bag for Summer | Beach Tote Crochet Bag

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 These Unique Maxi TOTE bags for summer, are hand-crocheted using the single-thread crochet technique. Perfect beach Tote to carry all your summer essentials  or just as your  Never Full Bag for Summer!

These Hand Crocheted Bags are extremely lightweight, durable and comfortable to carry on. Wear it as a shoulder bag. This stunning boho style TOTE is perfect for a casual day, as a beach/pool accessory or as a complement to your sports outfit. 


  • Single Thread Hand-crocheted
  • Its strap is tightly hand-loomed
  • Material: Made from cotton threads
  • Overall dimensions (approximate): Boby: 14” H x 21” W x 12” Deep;
  • Strap: 2” W, drops ~12"
  • Ultra soft and light
  • Machine washable (following special care instructions)

Each design is inspired by nature and their own culture knowledge; so every handbag is one of a kind!  

Handmade by indigenous Wayuu women in ColombiaThis is an authentic artisan-made product, minimal cosmetic imperfections could be found without compromising its beauty, functionality, and durability.

Only one bag is available of each design.