Crocheting our Premium Crochet Bags (Single-Thread Crochet Wayuu Bags)

The Artisan Behind our Bags

Meet Leticia, she is a mom and a talented artisan who works from her home in La Guajira, Colombia.

She is crocheting one of our Premium Crochet Bags with so much love and care!😍.

This bag is part of a custom order from two special customers who really appreciate the art of crocheting. They chose their favorite colors and patterns for their Premium Bags!

The Single Thread Crochet Technique

Our Unique Premium Crochet Bags, are hand-crocheted using the single-thread crochet technique, which gives the bags a high pattern definition, an exceptional finish and an ultra light weight. 

It is hard to believe that these bags are handmade. Intricate patterns can be used when you crochet a bag using the One-Thread Crochet versus the Double-thread crochet bags.  

Every handbag is one of a kind!  Don’t miss your favorite!

Our Premium Crochet Bags

You will see some other stunning Premium Bags at the end of the video.

Wearing a olive Premium Wayuu Bag

Its strap is long enough (drop 23”) if you are very tall to wear it as a Crossbody Bags . I’m 5’2” ☺️and it looks too long on me I think.

Cute Premium Crochet Bags
See these and more cute Premium Bags here

Thank you for helping us support Leticia an many more Wayuu and artisan women! 🌻Would you like us to share more behind the scenes and WIP videos with the artisans?

What else would you like to see? Please let us know in the comment section!

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  • SUkilov_

    I think it’s a wonderful idea that by buying one of your bags, we keep traditions and wayuu culture alive!
    Artisans make this world a nicer planet, we cannot let them dissapear😢
    All for ethical and slowfashion❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep it up x

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