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The Wayuu People

The Wayuu people are an indigenous tribe that inhabits the peninsula of La Guajira, in Northen Colombia, bordering Venezuela. This matriarchal structure community has adapted to the inclement weather of a desert of amazing landscapes facing the Caribbean Sea. The Wayuu tribe preserves their deep cultural traditions, their attachment to the land, and their own language, the Wayuunaiki.

La Guajira - Rancherias - Colombia -Mochila Wayuu

Most of the Wayuu people are dedicated to sheep and goats breeding and corn sowing. The Wayuu woman is dedicated to weaving hammocks or crocheting the "Wayuu Mochilas". 


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The Wayuu men participate as well; they make the straps, straw hats, blankets, and shoes, and provide the materials, and transport the goods to the city centers. Most of the women presently weave or will do it at some point through their lifetime. 

The Wayuu crochet bags tradition 

The weaving and crocheting for the Wayuu people are more than a cultural practice and inheritance of their ancestors, it is a way of conceiving and expressing life as they feel and desire it. An art thought and enjoyed. The observation of their innumerable weaving patterns allows them to read the spirit that guides their actions and thoughts.

Wayuu women

At a very early age (about 12-year-old), Wayuu girls are taught the art of crocheting Wayuu bags as part of their tradition and legacy. 

 Wayuu women - wayuu people - crocheting a wayuu bag


How the Wayuu women crochet the Wayuu Bags?



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