Wayuu Women - Our Crochet Bags Artisans

The Wayuu matriarchal communities live in La Guajira Peninsula, Northern Colombia, a desert of breathtaking landscapes facing the Caribbean Sea, where they have to face difficult environmental challenges and a lot of other needs.

It takes about 15 to 20 days for a Wayuu woman to crochet one single bag, working from home, using the one needle crochet technique that they have been passed on from generation to generation.

Wayuu Women weaving a Colourful Crochet Bag


Check out one of the Wayuu artisans that makes our colorful bags, crocheting a mini bag as a special request for one of our customers:

When you purchase our Wayuu Crochet Bags, you contribute not only to empower these artisan women to support their families and communities, but also to preserve their ancestral culture and traditions.

We are very proud to introduce you some of the Wayuu Indigenous women who wove your bags.

Mother and daughter waving together.  

Thanks for appreciating their beautiful work and traditions by wearing our Colorful Wayuu Crochet Bags!

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