5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Wardrobe

You can never go wrong with black and white but..

It’s a pretty common consensus that you can never go wrong with black and white or neutrals, but wearing bright and bold colors can add a fun and special touch to liven up your outfits for every season.

Don’t worry, if the thought of adding tons of color to your wardrobe makes you nervous, you can use carefully chosen colorful accessories to revitalize and revamp your basic neutral pieces. It's all about how to incorporate these bright colors into your outfits.

How to Incorporate Color into Your Wardrobe
Colorful 4u Bags and Sandals . Picture via IG @styling.sunshine 
If you’re ready to brighten up your style and add some cheery vibes to your outfits, then this post will be perfect for you! I’ve put together five easy ways to expand your color palette and make any outfit pop.

1.Style your neutral outfits with colorful jewelry

Choose a piece of colorful jewelry that you love, like color-pop statement earrings.  Tassel earrings are a huge hit right now, and they are a fantastic way to add interest to an outfit without overpowering. 

How to wear Tassels earrings for Fall | Colorful Tassel Earrings

Source: Pinterest
Colorful Tassel Earrings | Red Tassel Earrings | Night Out Earrings
Colorful 4U Tassel Earrings 


2. Add a colorful bag and matching shoes to your neutral, casual outfits.

Pairing a colorful yet casual bag and sandals with your neutral basics can make you look very pulled together and ready for a relaxing day out. These handmade bags and handmade shoes are the perfect way to elevate an everyday look. 


Colorful Bag and Sandals marching set | Casual Outfit with colorful accessories
Colorful 4u Crossbody Bag and Sandals. Model: Karina @kaytsarr 

Colorful 4U Desert Sunset Matching Set. Model Morgan @morganinmountains

3.Update a handbag with a colorful strap

These colorful handmade bag straps can not only add a little spice to your outfit, but they are also soft on your shoulder and often more comfortable than a traditional leather bag strap. Comfort, colorful and stylish! That’s definitely a win!

Colorful Bag Strap | Colorful Accessories
Colorful4U Handwoven Bag Strap (Small)


Colorful Bag Strap for Black Handbag | Bag Strap Replacement
Colorful 4U Perissa Beach Bag Strap 

 4. Style your favorite neutrals with a colorfully patterned handbag or clutch.

A single colorful crochet style bag like the one pictured here could easily be paired with neutrals such as navy, white, beige, blush, or even black. Use one of the more neutral colors in the colorful style bag as inspiration to pull together a look from pieces you already own and love.

Colorful Patterns Bag | Color your wardrobe | Rose pattern
 Special Edition Bag by Colorful4u


Colorful Clutch Bag | Add color to your wardrobe
 Colorful Embroidered Clutch


5. Add a statement scarf

A scarf always adds an element of personality and fun to an outfit. Plus, the options are endless when it comes to how to style a scarf! One colorful scarf can give you multiple variations and options for switching up your look and automatically elevates your wardrobe making you look like you put in more time and effort than you did. Colorful scarves for the win!

Source Pinterest 
Black women wearing scarf and colorful handbag
Orange Scarf and matching Colorful Crochet Bag.  Model: @alenciajanae 🌵💛🌵🧡

Ready to embrace the rainbow?

It's time to take on color, and even if you're not ready to embrace the rainbow with your clothes, look to your accessories instead. Don’t let your love for neutrals or uncertainty about how to add color in hold you back anymore. Get a few classic, colorful, pieces such as a handmade bag, colorful bag strap, or a strikingly beautiful colorful scarf and start elevating your classic look!

How else would you add color to your wardrobe? Let's share more ideas in the comments! 


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    So many great tips that you have given. I love a good pop of color from a bag or jewelry. ♡

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    I love the idea of purses and jewelry. I’ve always loved earrings and they’re my favorite way to complete an outfit!

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