Top 10 Colors to Wear for Summer 2023

Spring and Summer's colors are coming bold and bright for 2022, from vivid reds to classic blues, and from bright tones to warm hues. Colorful favorites are coupled with seasonal core shades to come together and create a range of modern color classics.

The Biggest Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2022


Colorful 4U Spring/Summer Colors to wear for 2020 | Spring Bags Colorful 4U Collection
What are the Colors to Wear for Spring and Summer 2022?
According to the experts (Pantone Color Institute), colors for Spring/Summer  express the desire for a sense of the familiar.
The trending colors to wear for Spring and Summer 2022 "infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful youthful update that creates strong multi-colored combinations as well as energizing and optimistic pairings...” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. 

Top 10 Colors to wear for Spring and Summer 2022

Scroll through for the spring/summer 2022 color trends based on the color chart and color descriptions provided by Pantone, and illustrated with some colorful fashion accessories and trending bags in casual style!
Be ready for Spring and Summer and fit your wardrobe with spring and summer hues!

1. Scarlet Red.  

Spring-Summer Colors 2020 | PANTONE Flame Scarlet "Burning bright, Flame Scarlet exudes confidence and determination" (Flame Scarlet -Pantone 18-1664)

Scarlet Red Dress | Spring/Summer fashionMaxi Dress by Freepeople  Via @spell 


Some cute Fashion Accessories in Scarlet Red...

Scarlet Red Crossbody Bags | Spring Fashion | Colorful 4U Scarlet Crush Collection
Colorful 4U Scarlet Crush Crochet Bags.
Colorful 4U Red Camera Strap | Bag Strap for Spring/Summer
Colorful Camera/Bag Strap by

Colorful 4U Red Leather Wallet for Spring | Top Colors to wear for Spring and SummerRed Fanny Pack | Woven Bumbag | Colorful 4U Spring Fashion Collection

2. Mustard Yellow

PANTONE 14-1064 Saffron"Warm Yellow that adds a flavorful brilliance to the palette".  (Saffron - PANTONE 14-1064)


Top Colors to wear for Spring/Summer | Mustard Yellow Casual Outfit for SummerPhoto by @edgargranadosph Via @marinacomes 


Must haves Fashion Accessories in Mustard Yellow...

Yellow Mustard Fanny Pack | Bum Bag | Colorful 4u Spring Collection Hand-woven Fanny Pack
Colorful4u | Mustard Fashion Bag | Spring Fashion
Mustard Perissa Beach Bag

Yellow Tassels Earrings | Colorful 4U Spring Collection | Spring ColorsMustard Yellow Tassel Earrings  

3. Classic Blue

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

"A boundless blue hue, Classic Blue is evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky opening us up to a world of possibilities". (Classic Blue PANTONE 19-4052)


Colorful 4U Blue Fashion Accesories for Spring/Summer

Blue Fashion Accessories you will love for spring...

Blue Colorful 4U Crochet Bag | Blue Casual Outfit | Spring Fashion
Colorful 4U Azula Bags Collection 
Blue Bags for Spring | Colorful 4U Spring/Summer Collection

Colorful4U Blue Tassel Earrings | Trending Earrings for Spring and Summer

4. Aqua/Turquoise (Biscay Green)

PANTONE 15-5718 Biscay Green"An aqua shade connected to cleansing waters, Biscay Green cools and refreshes". (Biscay Green PANTONE 15-5718 )

Agua/Turquoise Bag | Summer Colors | Colorful 4U Summer Collection Summer Solstice Collection at
Aqua Summer dress for summer | Ibizabohogirl Outdazl boho dress. Via ibizabohogirl

Some handmade summer bags to enjoy the season... 

    Aqua/Turqueise Bag for summer | Best Summer Bags for the BeachColorful4U Mini Bag | Aqua/Turquoise Small Crochet Bag for Spring/Summer

5. Faded Denim Blue

PANTONE 17-4021 Faded Denim

"Faded Denim, a relatable and dependable blue conveys comfort and ease". (PANTONE 17-4021)

Colors for Summer Spell Blue Dress

Spell dress. Model @fakander

 Handmade Fashion Accessories in this shade of blue...

Spring Colors Bag | Fashion Bag for Spring-SummerColorful4u | Blue Casual Earrings

6. Orange Peel 

PANTONE 16-1359 Orange Peel "Piquant Orange Peel introduces a tasteful tang." (

PANTONE 16-1359)
Orange Dress for Summer | Colors to wear for spring and SummerDress by Zara. Via @meg_legs 

Cute Accessories for Orange lovers...
Colorful 4U Summer Bag | Crochet Bag for Summer |  Desert Sunset Collection at Model: Morgan

Colorful4u | Orange Tassel EarringsColorful4u | Orange Mini Crochet Bag

7. Cream (Sunlight)

PANTONE 13-0822 Sunlight"Soft Sunlight invites happiness, pleasant cheer and a smiling presence". (PANTONE 13-0822)

White Sands Crochet Bags (L)
White Sands Collection at Model: Deanna Loveland
Spell Cream Dress for Summer

Cream Fashion Accessories to rock summer...

Colorful4u Cream Summer Bag | Best Crosbody Bag for Summer

8. Coral Pink

PANTONE 14-1318 Coral Pink

"Coral Pink wraps you up in a warm and welcoming embrace". (PANTONE 14-1318)


Coral Pink Dress

Picture by @heikedelmore Via @jessica_hanlon_photography

Best Beach Bags for summer 2022 in Coral Pink...

Colorful Beach Tote Bag - Summer Crochet Bag

Coral Tote Bag | Beach Tote for summer | Summer-Spring ColorsColorful4u - Coral Pink Crochet Bags

9. Burgundy (Cinnamon Stick)

PANTONE 18-1345 Cinnamon Stick Earthy and warm, Cinnamon Stick is sweet yet spicy.
PANTONE 18-1345
Colorful4u Tote Beach Bags for summer
Hand-Crocheted Tote Beach Bag 

Burgundy Fashion Accessories you must have... 

Colorful4U | Burgundy Tassel EarringsColorful4u | Burgundy/Red Summer Bag | Crochet Bag

10. Purple (Grape Compote)

PANTONE 18-3513 Grape CompoteGrape Compote is a composite of mysterious and mellow purple shades. (PANTONE 18-3513)

Summer Colors | Colorful4u Summer Bag | Beach Tote
 Summer Solstice Bag at Model: Keli Rabon 

The cutest Accessories for summer  for purple lovers...

Colorful4u | Summer Solstice Collection | Purple Fashion Accessrioes
Summer Solstice Collection at

What other colors can you wear for spring or summer?

Personalized self- expression is the new color trend

With this wide range of many fun colors for 2023, you should no longer feel restricted by a few colors for every season. Classic Season Colors and Neutrals are still trending for spring and summer in 2023.
Personalized self- expression is the new trend, so embrace all the colors! Or, at least the ones that resonate with your own style.


What are your favorite colors to wear for spring and summer? What colors you haven't tried from the ones described above?

We would love to know! Please share your thoughts in the comments!



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